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3 Types of Video to Incorporate in Your Spa Marketing

January 07, 2021 Danielle Pastula Episode 14
The Social Spa
3 Types of Video to Incorporate in Your Spa Marketing
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From Reels to Tiktok to livestreaming, video marketing isn't new, but it's definitely here to stay! And a savvy and strategic spa owner, incorporating video into your overall content marketing plan is going to be key in helping you stand out from the crowd and make deeper connections with potential and existing clients and customers.

Not to mention, if ecommerce is now an element to your esthetic business, video is a non-negotiable factor in attracting new customers to your online store.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How video helps you to establish your authority and increase your know, like and trust factor leading to increased conversions 
  • The three different types of video that you’ll want to produce as part of your overall marketing plan and their purposes 
  • My top tools and tips to help you produce more video content with less stress and leg work 

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It's kind of like, OK, we're just flipping the calendar like never been one to make a big deal about New Year's specifically, but I think this one lands a little different.

We were all very happy to shut the door on 20/20 and wish it farewell. So hopefully you're finding that 2021 is off to a good fresh start. Or at the very least, you're seeing how this year holds a ton of opportunity and tremendous potential to be a great year, especially compared to 2020.

So in this episode I want to talk about content and that's because content marketing is something that has it's not new.

It's been around for a long time. However, with the state of social media and just media as a whole, the way we consume information as a society in the way that your ideal clients are consuming it, which is through platforms like Instagram and Facebook and Ticktock and all of these places that they're really just going for entertainment or to learn new things and find new things, explore and discover. It's really important that you, as a business owner and as a brand builder, that you have your content marketing plan dialed in.

And if you didn't listen to my previous episode, which was a State of the Union on 2021 marketing, and I hit on the top five, four areas that you're going to want to focus on for 2021 based on the way that trends are moving and developments that are happening on these big platforms. But video was the top line item in that State of the Union and that video content is really what reigns supreme currently.

And that's because of a multitude of factors. One, it is enticing because it's visually appealing and you can really get to know somebody. It's just a little bit more entertaining than looking at a still photo or a graphic and then going through and reading a caption. Not that those things don't still work. They do. However, our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and that's partially due to social media. So it's kind of like you have to feed the beast rather than bite the hand that feeds you, so to speak.

But if you want to be truly playing the game when it comes to marketing your business and the most effective way in 2021, making sure that you are positioning yourself as an authority in your local area as an aesthetic expert, or even if you're trying to expand beyond your local area with an e-commerce store. That's definitely something that we've seen a lot of development in from the past year. Video content is going to be a prime place for you to put your focus.

So in this episode, I want to talk about the three different types of video that you definitely want to be producing as part of your overall marketing plan and kind of their purposes and some ideas for you here.

So the first category is educational and authority building content. So this is content that really positions you as the expert.

And I want to add the caveat here, because you might be thinking if you're well, first of all, if you're so low, it's just you, right? So it definitely needs to be you that you're building your authority around. However, if you're a spot owner that has a team and you're in the place of I don't want to be the only face that's showing up in my social media because I really don't want to be taking clients anymore. Or maybe you're taking far fewer clients.

You're not taking on new clients. You're only servicing existing clients who've been with you for a long time. Totally understand all of these topics still apply to you. And we'll kind of talk about how you can skew them to fit your needs. So with educational and authority building content, we're talking about things like talking head type of material.

Think about if you go on to YouTube and you're looking for a how to on how to do something or you want to get more information on why you should be doing something or doing it in a particular way, someone who's speaking straight to the camera and kind of guiding you through the process, who's sitting there in a place of authority being that expert for you, sharing their knowledge is the kind of content you want to be creating. So this can be video of just you talking and maybe it gets edited to add in some text elements and visual elements to make it more visually appealing because again, our attention spans are low.

So by having things like captions or title bars and if you're like, I don't know what title are, there are video editing tools that allow you to create more visually appealing videos. A couple tools to go check out and I'll link them in the show. Notes CarPoint and Subtitle are two of my favorites. Those are tools where you can take your video. So let's say you decide to do a five minute tutorial video. You can then put your video into one of these platforms, add captions so that someone can still consume the video with their sound off, which is huge.

Most people do watch video without sound on, so it is really important that you be adding things like captioning that goes for your Instagram stories as well, by the way. But having a bar at the top of the video that says what the title of your video is, maybe hits on the main point of why someone wants to watch. Maybe throughout your video you reference something and you want to cut away to a still photo shot of what you just referenced and then it cuts back to you talking.

These are things that the modern day marketer really needs to know how to do. And let me put this in your ear, too.

It doesn't have to be you. You can absolutely have someone help you with editing videos. You can hire a VA who knows how to do video editing. You can go on to Fiverr up work or any of these other sites where you can get someone who can virtually help you to create these edits. It's going to save you a lot of time. But the reason you kind of need to have this understanding of what to do is because you need to know how to direct someone.

So you need to be able to sit down with your marketing plan and say, you know what, I want to put together a weekly video with educational authority building content. And I want to do that for a quarter. And here's what I want to tackle in month one, month two, you're going to decide on the topics that best fit your goals and your marketing agenda.

And then when you pass that off to a video editor or a support team, if it's not you who's doing the editing, you need to be able to tell them what the goals of these videos are to position you as the expert and that you really want these to be visually enticing. You need to give them some insight into who your ideal client is. That way they can have a feel for. OK, I see who you're trying to appeal to here.

And here's how I'm going to edit this video to really make it stand out in the feed for your ideal client. So that's kind of a very big picture overview of what educational authority content is. But essentially it's talking head style video or it could even be video where you've got your demonstrating something. And then there's voiceover over the video. And of course, this does take some editing. Know how? Although I will say it's not hard with the tools I mentioned.

You can do these things pretty easily and it's, I think, very user friendly.

Anyone who is willing to put in a little time learning can do it. So then you've got the category action. So this kind of can blend with the educational and authority type of video content.

The action content tends to show more of your in the moment type of activities.

So these can be things like demonstrations or over the shoulder video content showing you doing a treatment or one of your team members doing a treatment. So kind of going back to what I mentioned before, you may be the one who's doing a lot of the educational video because you want to be the face of your brand, you want to be the aesthetic authority. Or you could also have multiple team members doing various videos, like get some of your team members who are great on video and have them do different segments or if you want to be the main face.

But the demos can be done by some of your team members and some of the over the shoulder video content can be done with any of your team members who are servicing clients. So that's a couple of examples of how you can skew it either way, if it's not just you and your business, but the action content is the stuff that really pulls in the eyeballs. So that's the attraction content. Think of things that are really popular on Instagram, like extraction videos, or when someone's doing a treatment and they're doing the skin scrubber or doing a chemical peel and they're putting the peel on or they're taking a hydro jelly mask off, all of these things have a certain visual appeal that's very kaching to the eye, especially for someone who's scrolling quickly for their feed.

That action element is going to kind of make them stop their scroll and go what's happening here? So as you're thinking of your action category content, think of what are the different things that are happening in my treatment room or in my spa, that if someone were to just walk by the door really quick and didn't know what was happening, they would go, wait, what was that? Those are your action videos. Those are things that you want to display in that category of content.

Then we've got our third category, which is fun and personality driven content. These are things like behind the scenes team introductions can be more silly and not necessarily even aesthetics related.

I would argue you do want to keep your content always somehow catered towards the business. So always be thinking about your brand messaging and what you're trying to drive home to your ideal client in terms of the message you really want to stick in their head and what kind of brand you want to position yourself as. You're not going to see a brand like Chanel hosting really silly reels on Instagram. It's just not their brand. However, a brand like Glossier, which caters to a much younger demographic and is much more free styling.

And while it does have a luxurious element to it and it positions itself as a luxe type of brand, their voice and personality as a brand is much more approachable and funny. Comical a. Kind of tongue in cheek at times versus a more high caliber luxury brand in that regard.

So if you're trying to position yourself really as the expert, that is really big on, let's say, healing skin care and you take work very seriously. Silly types of video content may feel off for your audience, but there's still ways that you can infuse fun and personality by putting interesting background music to your videos or showcasing behind the scenes of education that you're putting your team through or team meetings that you're doing and just having some music overlay. So showcasing how committed your business is and how committed you are as the business owner to progressing the skills of your team, or if you're a solo, progressing your own skills or performing treatments on yourself and following your own advice on self care, those type of things.

So it doesn't need to always be silly and funny to be personality driven content. It can be content that just gives a little bit more of a glimpse of your personal side as a brand. So what I want to do is I want to run through really quickly these three buckets again with a more concrete example to put you through.

So let's just say you do lash lifts and maybe that's your promotional focus of the month that you're going to focus on for your marketing.

How can you position last through these three different buckets? Here's how I would do it. So for the first bucket, educational and authority building content, what is a left? What is the process like of getting a lift? What are some of the most frequently asked questions you get about lifts? Any of those things that you can inform on putting together a video that says, are you afraid to get a lift? I'm going to debunk the three top myths about getting lifts so you don't have any reason to be afraid.

And actually, I think you'll find that you're obsessed with them, things like that. It shows that, you know what you're talking about. You're saying here are the things that I see and that people come to me with. And I'm like, this isn't true. Here's what's actually going on. I would know because I'm the expert. So that could be an authority building content or another thing could be how do you take care of your lashes after you get a lift?

What's the proper maintenance that you need to do?

Is there any maintenance? Maybe someone's going from doing extensions to just doing lifts. What do they need to keep in mind as they make that transition? That is going to be your educational and authority building content, and this can be you talking straight to the camera or can be a little bit of a blend of the action video where you're actually showcasing a flashlight being done. And maybe it's a voiceover of you doing the educating. Then we've got the action category.

So in addition to showing the process of flash lift, maybe you're actually going to do an over the shoulder style video where you're filming one of your citizens doing a lash lift as she's talking through the whole treatment and saying, here's what you can expect when you come in for a lift. We want you to come in. No makeup on. We want you to be prepared to have your eyes closed.

I mean, I'll be honest, I'm not in a position, so I don't actually know the entire process of a lift and all the rules and protocols. But that is something that just putting myself in the consumer's shoes, I would need someone to tell me what to do.

So by putting it in a video context, you're eliminating a lot of those fear based roadblocks that someone might have around getting cashless or they may think, oh, this looks nice, but I don't really know if I'm a good candidate for it. Eliminate that guesswork that's in your potential clients heads and make them feel at ease, make them feel informed and show them what the process is like. That way they can know what to expect. So then moving into the third category of content, fun or personality, I know as a mom of a young child, my beauty routine has gone pretty much out the window, especially in the year 2020.

Coming off of it, I will say my skin care is still top priority because skin health is really important. But when it comes to if I have time to put on SPF for the day versus mascara, it's always going to be SPF, right? So when it comes to me as someone who would be an ideal client potentially for a certain brand that provides list, I'm a busy mom who wants to look pulled together but doesn't really have the time to be doing a full makeup face every day.

How can you position to me how nice it is to have a lift done so that you can feel pulled together? Maybe this is a fun reel where you're showing the woman before a lift. And of course this is can be silly and light hearted of what life is like before you get a lift. And then the video turns and then this is what life is like after getting a lift and you can put music to it, do fun transitions. This takes a little more creativity for sure, because it's not so much coming up with the topic, but really thinking about how am I going to visually tell this story.

However, that's content that really lands, because I know if I saw something funny like that, I can see myself as that woman who goes from I feel maybe frumpy and like just not as. Maybe lively as I did before, I was covered in food and avocado, and now I'm potty training, so Lord knows what else, and it's like at the end of the day, it can kind of make you feel like, man, I miss those days of like putting on my mascara and feeling myself, you know, and having that fun, relatable content that's filled with personality.

Really allow someone to connect to you on more of an emotional level. So don't discount that if you're providing that authority driven content where you're really showcasing your expertise and you want to position yourself as the authority, hosting things that are funny and filled with personality are not going to make you look less professional as long as you're positioning it the right way. So always be thinking with the ideal client and your dream client customer at the end. And as long as it's something that they can feel that they're connecting with, all you can do is test and try it out.

So if you have any questions about the video content types that you should be creating for your spa or if you just need some general ideas. I also have a spa, Social three six five is my annual spa marketing social media prompt calendar where you get three hundred and sixty five social media prompts. Great place to get just video topic inspiration that's timely, built out into a yearly calendar. So if you need help there, that's a really easy thing to get started with and also super inexpensive.

So it's something that's kind of an easy yes to be a good tool in your business. And if you have any questions, come inside the Social Spa Society Facebook group. And I would love to answer questions or do any additional trainings if you have more things that you need to know about video content. So see you there. Thanks for listening. And if you like this episode, I would love it if you left a review, see your next episode.